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Our town, our kids,
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Watch out for lead when renovating inside and outside your home


If you’re pregnant or thinking of having a baby, it’s time to start planning for lead.

Lead in Broken Hill

Lead is a metal which has been mined in Broken Hill for many years. As a result, it can be found in the air, dust and rainwater tanks in our town.

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Become LeadSmart

Lead harms our young kids most of all. But there are simple things we can do to protect them in our homes, our work and around our town.

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Lead testing

Free blood tests for babies and kids under the age of five are available in Broken Hill. Results are immediate and let you know if their levels are increasing.

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Eat smart

Eat smart

Learn about reducing lead absorption through healthy eating

Start smart

Start smart

Information for pregnant women or people starting a family

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See how the Broken Hill community is coming together to be LeadSmart

Work smart

Work smart

Keeping your family safe from lead in the workplace

Clean smart

Clean smart

There are simple things you can do to stay clean from lead


Delicious, budget friendly recipes that help reduce lead absorption

Build smart

Build smart

Learn about lead safety for renovation and maintenance

Live smart

Live smart

Protecting your kids from lead in the backyard and garden

Always wash hands before eating and after playing outside

Keep your kids away from dirt, soil and dust

Leave your shoes, work boots and work clothes outside

Drink tap water, not rainwater

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