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Lead is a metal that has been mined in Broken Hill for many years. It is in the dust, soil, dirt and rainwater tanks in our town. Our dry climate means lead dust gets into everything, via the air. It can also be found in old lead paint, especially in homes built before 1970.

Lead does not belong in the human body. When it gets into our bodies, it builds up and makes us sick – for example, it can make high blood pressure worse and cause kidney problems. Lead can also harm kids’ brain development, which may cause behaviour and learning problems that can last a lifetime.

There are simple things you can do to reduce blood lead levels and prevent harm from lead for you and your family. This website contains useful information about avoiding lead, from healthy eating and nutrition, to smart work practices and advice for around your home.

Main exposure pathways of lead

This diagram illustrates the main exposure pathways of lead – 98% occurs through ingestion, 1% occurs through inhalation and 1% occurs through absorption.


Start smart

Information for pregnant women and families


Eat smart

Reduce lead absorption through healthy eating


Clean smart

Hygiene and cleaning in and around the home


Live smart

Protecting your kids from lead in the backyard


Work smart

Protecting your family from workplace lead


Build smart

LeadSmart renovation and maintenance