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The Broken Hill Community Health Centre, Maari Ma Aboriginal Health and the Broken Hill Environmental Lead Program are free community services which can help you understand the issues about lead in Broken Hill.  Their services include:

  • Carrying out blood lead tests on children under the age of five years
  • Offering services to monitor and maintain low blood lead levels
  • Providing families with strategies for reducing their child’s risk of exposure and absorption of lead.
  • Individual counselling of families of children with elevated blood lead levels.
  • Testing of dust, paint and soils for lead contamination is carried out for those families who are identified as being at risk.
  • Monitoring of lead in air and soil is carried out routinely in Broken Hill. The enables long term trends to be monitored and for programs to be implemented to reduce risks of exposure in the community.
  • Conducting research into the sources and pathways of lead. This information is then used to reduce the risk of exposure and absorption of lead in the community.
  • Conducting health promotion and targeted education programs in order to raise the level of awareness within the community in regard to living safely with lead.

Contact the following during business hours for any questions or concerns you may have.

Broken Hill Environmental Lead Program

Level 2, 32 Sulphide Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880

Broken Hill Community Health Centre

2-4 Sulphide Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8080 1100

Maari Ma Aboriginal Health

439–443 Argent Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8082 9777


Start smart

Information for pregnant women and families


Eat smart

Reduce lead absorption through healthy eating


Clean smart

Hygiene and cleaning in and around the home


Live smart

Protecting your kids from lead in the backyard


Work smart

Protecting your family from workplace lead


Build smart

LeadSmart renovation and maintenance