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Pregnant women pass lead to their unborn babies through their blood. A newborn baby’s blood lead level is the same as their mother’s. In Broken Hill, a test of the umbilical cord is taken at birth to check a baby’s blood lead level.

Children under 5 years of age are more likely to be at risk of harm from lead. That is why the Broken Hill Community Health Centre and Maari Ma Health offer free blood lead testing from six months of age, in-line with immunisation.  In the test, you child’s finger is pricked with a needle to get a very small blood sample.  These results are immediate and let you know if their lead level is increasing.  If the levels are high – 5 or above – it may mean there are sources of lead exposure around the home, and help will be available to help you identify these sources and reduce them.

If you think you or a child – 5 years of age or older – has been exposed to high levels of lead, or has been carrying out activities that may put them at risk of exposure (e.g. home renovations) you should contact your local doctor to arrange a blood lead test.

To book your child’s free blood lead test appointment or for more information contact:

Broken Hill Community Health Centre

2-4 Sulphide Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8080 1100

Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation

439–443 Argent Street
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8082 9777


This diagram outlines the age that babies and children should be tested for lead. Free testing is aligned with immunisation and is recommended at 12 months, 18 months, two (2) years, three (3) years and four (4) years of age.


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